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How to ozone disinfection of bottled water

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2020-12-09 15:48
How to ozone disinfection of bottled water
Ozone treatment is the most commonly used disinfection process in the water bottling industry. It effectively disinfects water, bottling equipment, bottles, water air and bottle cap sealing caps, and provides a reliable barrier to contamination during the entire process. Ozone also oxidizes minerals and removes them from the water without leaving residues.
How to ozone disinfection of bottled water
In 2004, the FDA approved GRAS for ozone to be used in bottled water. Since then, ozone has become the de facto disinfectant for bottled water applications. Ozone provides an effective and safe disinfection method to prevent pathogens that may be present in the final water, or pathogens introduced from bottled water equipment, bottles or bottle caps.
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Benefits of ozone for bottled water
Bottled water to disinfect bacteria;
Due to its high oxidation level, it is better than any other disinfection method;
Can reduce operating costs and reduce overall chemical costs;
Reduce sulfur smell;
Generated on site; no dangerous storage and handling required;
Destroy bacteria immediately; ozone works faster than any other oxidant on the market;
Environmental protection
Clean and disinfect bottles and caps;
Treat bottled water and precipitate heavy metals such as iron and manganese;
Clean-in-place (CIP) bottling equipment;
The remaining ozone is decomposed into oxygen.

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