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space disinfection equipment selecting

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-01-09 11:45
The space disinfection ozone generator can be used for space disinfection and water treatment disinfection treatment. It can be used in space disinfection for cold storage, food factory, workshop, workshop and other space disinfection sites. It has a wide range of applications. In order to achieve the expected disinfection effect, the space disinfection is selected. At the time of the ozone generator, pay attention to the following points:
1. Product qualification. Regular manufacturers must issue a sanitation certificate for the ozone disinfection machine, a business license for the three certificates, and a disinfection effect test report issued by an authoritative organization.
2, the stability of the disinfection machine. If the ozone sterilizer has poor working stability, after a certain period of use, the amount of ozone will be drastically reduced, which will seriously affect the disinfection effect. At the same time, when using an ozone generator to disinfect the area of ​​the workshop, the sterilizer should have good ozone transport capacity. Otherwise, the ozone cannot reach the place far away from the disinfection machine, and the disinfection effect on the air in the workshop cannot be guaranteed.
3. Ozone dosage. In a workshop, if the total amount of ozone is not up to the predetermined value, the ozone concentration in the workshop will not reach the required standard, and the expected disinfection effect will not be achieved.
4. Uniformity of ozone delivery. In workshops where disinfection is required, it must be ensured that the ozone concentration of all parts meets the design criteria. Otherwise, the disinfection effect is lower in the low ozone concentration. When designing the disinfection plan, factors such as the structure of the workshop, the mode of ozone delivery, the stability of the ozone disinfection machine, and the ozone transport capacity should be considered.
5. Ozone disinfection time. When disinfecting the workshop, the ozone concentration meets the design requirements, and if the disinfection time is not enough, the disinfection effect will be weakened. Therefore, when disinfecting with ozone, the sufficiency of the disinfection time must be ensured.
Ozone is a strong oxidant. It is this kind of strong oxidizing property that makes ozone have the characteristics of thorough sterilization, high efficiency and rapidity. It plays an important role in improving the sanitary quality of the workshop and prolonging the shelf life of food.
6. Other factors. The use of space disinfection ozone generator to disinfect the production workshop, to achieve good disinfection effect, is affected by many factors. The temperature, humidity, dust, the number of equipment, the degree of sealing, and the amount of bacteria in the air disinfection ozone generator workshop will all affect the disinfection effect of ozone.

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