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Swimming pool ozone generator sterilization principle

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-01-09 11:58
Swimming pool ozone generator sterilization principle
Ozone is a very active and highly oxidizing oxidant. The pool ozone generator is mainly sterilized by its strong oxidation. It can oxidize and decompose bacterial glucose oxidase and dehydrogenase, and can directly interact with bacteria, causing the redox process of bacterial material metabolism to be destroyed, thereby destroying the growth and reproduction process of bacteria and causing the death of bacteria.
Ozone is a very strong broad-spectrum fungicide. Its bactericidal effect is rapid, and it can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, spores and eggs in water within a few seconds. Ozone sterilizes in water by 600 to 3000 times faster than chlorine. The rapid killing of highly chlorinated spores and F phage is particularly important. The pool ozone generator can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases, especially the ability to inactivate viruses.
Ozone is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly green fungicide that does not cause any secondary pollution to the environment. The disinfection of ozone in swimming pool water treatment can fundamentally avoid the repulsive carcinogenic organisms such as trihalomethanes (THMS). produce. Ozone disinfection eliminates the formation of chloramines, thereby avoiding the adverse effects of swimming pool water on the human body.
The pool ozone generator uses chlorine disinfection over time. The chlorinated organic compounds evaporated from the water and the toxic gases such as chlorine are concentrated in the indoor swimming pool and are not easy to disperse. It is easy to damage people's respiratory organs after a long time, seriously affecting people. Good health. The use of ozone does not cause such a problem, the ozone disinfection process is a complete oxidation process, the only product is dissolved oxygen, so the water quality can be guaranteed for a long time.
Ozone is the strongest oxidant, which can effectively decompose organic polymer compounds in water, oxidize metal ions such as iron and manganese in water and oxidize and decompose tiny organisms that scatter light in water, thus greatly improving the sensitivity and clarity of water. The pool water is beautifully light blue. The water quality is in full compliance with the water standards of the FINA and the International Health Organization.
The raw materials for the production of ozone are inexhaustible oxygen in the air. Therefore, it is not necessary to consider the handling or storage problems in the production process. The swimming pool ozone generator is very simple to operate and has high safety. Daily management and maintenance work is also relatively simple.

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