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Jianlibao Pure Water Sterilization Project 200g

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-07-03 11:15
Guangdong Jianlibao Group Co., Ltd. pure water sterilization project uses large ring ozone generator 200/300G/H, 2 sets, and the feedback effect is good.
Jianlibao Pure Water Sterilization Project 200g
The new generation of products produced by Guangdong Jianlibao Beijing Huairou Branch Co., Ltd. - Oligo (Ou Li Duo Yi Sheng Yuan) drinks was listed in Beijing in early April 2007. Originated from Japan, Oligo is a low-fat fructose that is widely used in the production of food and beverage abroad. Oligo has a special logo that will only be added to the product by approved companies in the next few years. Guangdong Jianlibao, the first batch of companies to cooperate with the National Public Nutrition and Development Center, is also the only company in China that can add Oligo to beverages in the next three years. Jianlibao will also launch other series of drinks that add new Oligo formula. Therefore, the industry believes that in 2007, Jianlibao's goal is not only as simple as the summer beverage market. Jianlibao is launching new products and trying to reopen the market when actively seeking listing opportunities. It is a signal that the company is releasing its benign operation to the capital market.
In 2008, Jianlibao launched “1984 Jianlibao”, which was based on the 1984 Jianlibao classic formula and repeated trials to add more honey. This is the only gas-containing sports drink in the Chinese market that contains natural honey with a rich honey fragrance. Moisturizing, refreshing and quenching thirst, evoking consumers' good memories of Jianlibao, causing people's national pride and superiority, using the opportunity of the Olympic Games, through the "Singapore has me, the national drink Jianlibao" spread the main axis and Jianlibao memorabilia and other related concepts spread, causing Consumer's classic aftertaste and brand association.
In 2008, Jianlibao's fifth season upgrade series of products will create a new era of juice. Sunshine Fruit is the fifth season upgrade series of products, fruit, giving people a "high value" association, reminiscent of the sun, orchard, fresh, delicious and nutritious juice. Sunshine fruit is a high-concentration, rich fruit fiber blended with the sun, true taste, natural nutrition, surpassing low-concentration juice, rich in dietary fiber, fruity taste, realizing a more realistic taste, adding suspended fruit The artificial form of the grain transcends the fruit orange, which is closer to the current squeeze, and redefines the standard of good juice. Its product appeal is that the original taste is like the current squeeze.
In 2008, the marketing theme of Jianlibao's gas-containing sports drinks was entertainment and leisure: eat snacks and drink apples. Apple West is a brand new apple-flavored beverage, the only apple-flavored carbonated beverage on the Chinese market that has a sweet flavor and can produce a pure taste. Introduced into the market with the concept of candy incense, the concept is novel, candy incense is an important feature of Apple West is different from its beverage.
In 2013, Jianlibao fashion gas juice beverage pal burst fruit steam new listing, with the theme of "I am ordinary, my taste is not ordinary", "fruit is angry, really delicious" to the market! "Break the fruit steam, let you burst enough!" In the 1990s, the slogan of the popular population, the black classic packaging that once led the trend of beverages, once made you an unforgettable taste, the name of the fruit steam is popular throughout the country, in The history of Chinese beverage history has a strong stroke in the history of gas juice. Ten years later, Jianlibao “Breakfast Fruit Steam” has once again returned to consumers with brand new positioning, brand new packaging and new tastes, vowed to regain the market position of gas juice drinks, and let the inheritance of the former glory continue. At the same time, once again released the signal of Jianlibao's strong return to the market, and swore the ambition of its annihilation!

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