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Wang Laoji pure water sterilization project with 200g/h ozon

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-07-03 11:15
Wang Laoji pure water sterilization project with 200g/h ozone generator

Guangzhou Wang Laoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. pure water sterilization project uses large ring ozone generator 80/120/200G/H, 6 sets, and the feedback effect is good.

Guangzhou herbal tea is full of streets, Wang Laoji comes to Sanhutang; more Shennong tea, 廿 four flavors of wonderful medicine. Wang Laoji, Wang Laoji, the most common cold at four o'clock, drinking a tea is the most cough.
Wang Aji’s life-long drug-loving medicine, returned from Baiyun Mountain, was sold in his own medicinal material shop. The general patient took his three or five herbs to get rid of his health. His medical ethics is good, regardless of the rich and the poor, not on the shelf, only to seek medical treatment. Therefore, everyone is his own person, used to call his name - Aji. When he is older, he naturally becomes "Wang Lao Ji".
During the Qing dynasty, the outbreak of plague in Guangzhou, the epidemic spread. In order to save the patient, Wang Laoji went through all the hardships and searched for good medicine. He finally got a secret recipe and developed a herbal tea formula. This herbal tea not only relieved the residents of the village, but also helped the villagers escape the disasters such as smallpox and epidemics. Wang Laoji has since become famous as a Lingnan drug man. He was also called into the Imperial Palace by Emperor Qing Daoguang and was ordered to be a hospital order. In 1828, Wang Laoji opened the first "Wang Lao Ji Herbal Tea Shop" in the 13th line of Guangzhou, which was well received by the neighbors and was hailed as "The Herbal Tea King".
According to the records of "Guangzhou Xiguan Guzi", in 1839, Lin Zexu banned smoking in Guangdong, and he was tired all day long. Unfortunately, the heatstroke was hot and sore and coughing. The follow-up personnel invited the doctor to prescribe the prescription, the medication was not effective, the condition became more and more serious, and the upper and lower were very anxious. Later, some people came to find Wang Laoji, and the medicine was really sick. So, Lin Zexu thanked the door and asked about the name and the medicine used. Wang Laoji replied truthfully: "Everyone calls me Wang Laoji. It is a worthless herbal medicine for your treatment." Lin Zexu couldn't help but sigh: "The medicine is not expensive, the worthless herbs, the poor people can benefit more. If you can cook the medicine Into tea, so that people can drink with the disease, disease treatment, disease-free disease prevention, it is for the benefit of the masses." Wang Laoji listened, if you have realized. In 1840, Wang Laoji pioneered the herbal tea bag and sold the herbal tea powder and herbal tea bag in the form of “front store and back square” to facilitate customers to travel far and wide. Wang Laoji was so popular that it was in short supply. Lin Zexu was sent to a large copper gourd pot, which was engraved with the three big characters of "Wang Lao Ji".
In 1885, after opening the first herbal tea shop for half a century, Wang Laoji has more than 100 herbal tea shops, which are sold in the streets of Guangzhou, and are also popular in Guangdong, Guangxi, Shanghai, Hunan and other places.
In 1925, Wang Laoji Herbal Tea participated in the London Exhibition in the UK and became one of the first Chinese national brands to go global.
In 1956, the wave of socialist transformation swept across the country. Wang Laoji merged with eight companies including Jiabao Stack and Changyutang to form “Wang Lao Ji United Pharmaceutical Factory”. Later, it was renamed “Guangzhou Yangcheng Pharmaceutical Factory” and belonged to Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Corporation. The predecessor of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group).

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